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Voss Flagship Store:

Vangsgata 33, 5700 Voss

+47489 41 900

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Monday - Friday: 10.00 - 17.00

Saturday:10.00 - 16.00

Sunday: Closed 

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We Norwegians

We Norwegians is an apparel company, based in Voss, Norway. Focusing on the design, distribution, and marketing of premium wool products.

Norwegians are wrapped in soft, wool blankets as new-borns, and we continue to wear wool as we grow up – Through out the year. The idea behind We Norwegians is to take the natural benefits that wool have, and make garments that have a natural technical function as well as a contemporary design. The designs are a mix of modern basics and traditional, Norwegian knitting patterns.

The founder and designer Tove Grane opened doors to Banksmidja and our webshop in October 2014, and from then on the wool has kept spinning. Starting out there where only two employees, now we are a team of eleven working closely together to make high-quality garments and give the best customer service possible.
You can find us in 180 stores worldwide and visit our flagship store in Voss and Oslo.