Scandinavian culture is closely related to the Nordic climate and nature. The materials that surround us are reflected in our craftsmanship. 

Our design concept ties together the past and the present; A combination of contemporary ideas and Norwegians heritage.

The Scandinavian style is recognized as clean and functional. Design elements should not overshadow the quality of the product. All garments must meet a need, be useful and stand the test of time.  


We make houses to live in, our own personal space to feel warm, protected and comfortable in. A place where what you do is up to you. A home.

I have the same philosophy for my clothes. You can play with your kids in them, wear them in the office, ski in them. You live your life in your clothes. 

So for this collection, I wanted to bring a cocooning feeling over them. Inspired by the raw elegance of nature, and the peaceful moments when you are having a time-out or meditating; I combined the most comfortable shapes with calming colors. To be dressed up or down.

To be worn the way you like it.