Scandinavian culture is closely related to the Nordic climate and nature. The materials that surround us are reflected in our craftsmanship. 

Our design concept ties together the past and the present; A combination of contemporary ideas and Norwegians heritage.

The Scandinavian style is recognized as clean and functional. Design elements should not overshadow the quality of the product. All garments must meet a need, be useful and stand the test of time.  



The inspiration for our previous collections has mainly been found in the times we live in today. For Fall/Winter 18 I chose to step back in time - to the swinging' 60s to more accurate. 

Scandinavian designers turned heads with their modern style post-WWII, and to this very day these designs continue to be characteristic for the Scandinavian look and feel - now more popular than ever. The 60s were a breaking point breaking point Norwegian furniture and textile design. We discovered oil in the North Sea, and unfortunately, most investments rapidly turned towards this industry. The results being that the majority of the furniture and textile industry closed down. Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world thanks to the oil & gas industry - not to mention that Norwegians are seemingly one of the happiest people on earth! We are grateful and humble for the privileges that oil has given us, yet our awareness of the negative effects that fossil fuel has on our planet is heightened every day. Thus more and more Norwegian designers are diving deep into the archives of our design history for inspiration. I am very excited to see all the activity going in the Norwegian design arena right now!

The history-digging is what inspired me to look towards the work of some of the most brilliant architects and designers from the 60s when creating the Fall/Winter line for 2018. The result is a collection that features a mix of the graphic, minimalistic patterns and the vivid colors that were vastly popular in this period. 




 Designer and founder of We Norwegians