Scandinavian culture is closely related to the Nordic climate and nature. The materials that surround us are reflected in our craftsmanship. 

Our design concept ties together the past and the present; A combination of contemporary ideas and Norwegians heritage.

The Scandinavian style is recognized as clean and functional. Design elements should not overshadow the quality of the product. All garments must meet a need, be useful and stand the test of time.  


We Norwegians Spring/ Summer 2018 Collection

Fashion is a microcosm of so many things; how politics affects culture and vice a versa.
Fashion tells the story of the generation of its time.
I don’t have the cure for world peace, but I believe that we can all do something to the world better.
When I decided to start my own brand, I wanted to make a difference.

Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world, after oil and agriculture. Textile manufacturers use complicated chemical and industrial processes to make clothing materials.

We Norwegians are about staying true to what we believe is good.
We manufacture in a safe environment, making fabrics that are produced under strict EU regulations, which is why everything we make, is made in Europe.


We might as well contribute to a clean planet by making clothes that don’t mess up nature in the first place. Be kind to the planet - wear wool.


Tread with care

and be aware

of the threads

that make up the clothes

you wear. 



 Designer and founder of We Norwegians