Scandinavian culture is closely related to the Nordic climate and nature. The materials that surround us are reflected in our craftsmanship. 

Our design concept ties together the past and the present; A combination of contemporary ideas and Norwegians heritage.

The Scandinavian style is recognized as clean and functional. Design elements should not overshadow the quality of the product. All garments must meet a need, be useful and stand the test of time.  

Spring/ Summer 2019

In the land of the midnight sun, we’re surrounded by not only the beauty of endless summer nights but a heightened sense of appreciation for the elements and how they surround us, Earth, wind, fire and water - mountains, storms, sunsets and waterfalls. These are fractions of the elements that I found myself reflecting over for this season.

Simultaneously, the modern human in me appreciates many aspects of modern life; modern architecture, a city’s vibrancy and urban life.
In some of my designs for this spring, you may find a city skyline from behind a misty morning, just the way I enjoy a hazy and lazy Summer morning in a city somewhere in Europe.




 Designer and founder of We Norwegians