A Christmas mystery

Warm and joyous is the only way to describe our head designer Tove's Christmas lunch. 
The table was laden with festive decorations and place settings for us all to enjoy lunch as the early afternoon light streamed through the windows.
Tove lives a little drive away from town with idyllic surroundings of mountains and trees stretching high above the ground. 
 With icicles hanging down from rooftops covered in snow, it truly was a winter wonderland.
Stepping into the house, we were all bitten by the Christmas spirit.

Every corner was beautifully decorated with ornaments, Anders had lit the fire and Tove were making everything ready for a traditional game of "Almond in the rice pudding".
The smells of cinnamon, sultanas and star anise wafted from the kitchen; a simmering pot of mulled wine sat atop the stove, with glasses of nuts and dried fruits aside, waiting to be soaked in the jule-tide beverage!
Norwegian mulled wine is called "gløgg" - sounding just like the noises you inevitably make whilst drinking several cups of it - not only is it a warming treat, but also, the perfect accompaniment to "grøt".

'Grøt' is our word for rice-pudding; sweet, silky and topped with healthy things like sugar, cinnamon and a bucket full of butter. It's deliciously creamy, a little bit decadent - but that's ok - it's Christmas time after all.
Although...we do actually eat it year-round...

However, in December, we hide an almond in the pudding and then give the person who finds it a special prize (normally a cute pig made of marzipan).

We tried to track down the origins of this tradition, however, historians are not sure when it started, why or where exactly. But that's beside the point, its great fun and someone gets to eat a marzipan pig.

In our game of 'Almond in the rice pudding', the Almond - went missing - no one actually found it. We suspect the youngest member of the party - Lucas - however, he refused to admit it when questioned.

The other prime suspect, the Englishman among us - Mr Burrows - claimed to know all the rules of the game (all 1 of them), but then seemed slightly confused when Tove mentioned you aren't supposed to eat the Almond. After this brief discussion, he stopped talking so much and began to blame the baby.

We decided to let the marzipan pig live and roam free in the Norwegian wilderness. ( Tove's daughter ate it )


We hope you all have a wonderful holiday and get all of the marzipan pigs you've been dreaming of!