Las Vegas and Liberty Fairs

A couple weeks ago the We Norwegians team jumped on a plane to Las Vegas, where we were showing off our Autumn/Winter collection for 2015 at the fantastic, Liberty Fairs.

Liberty Fairs was filled with beautiful, weird and wonderful booths. Clothes, hats, shoes and even hair cuts were on offer to prospective buyers looking to add new items to whichever shop collection was wanting.

Retailers from far and wide across the United States, gathered to talk shop and get in gear for the upcoming seasons. From New york to Los Angeles - the spectrum of characters and styles was varied, to say the least!

 Liberty Fairs was a great success and we met some very interesting new retailers with stores and web shops around the US. Which of course, we're incredibly excited about!



 After three days in disney land for grown ups and four or so hours of sunset driving across the Nevada desert, we crossed the border in to California.

 Here we went to check out our new office in Camino Capistrano, California, which we share with our dear family from Freenote Cloth.

 The area around it is surrounded by beautiful cafe's and a little train station. Whilst we were in California we also took the time to visit some of our new retailers, and we couldn’t be happier with them. The interior, the people and the location is perfect for us.

Going to Liberty Fairs and opening an office in California have been amazing. We are so exited, we can barely wait for our new collection to sell in stores all across America! Another fantastic step forward in our story!


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Photos: Finn Burrows

Words: Jenny Skiple