Tokyo is a city with big contrasts.
A place where pop culture meets tradition.

Where you can walk for hours feeling like you have seen everything - only to find that you haven’t really seen anything.

Tokyo has a lot more to offer.

We headed to this buzzing modern metropolis - for the second time around - to attend the IFF Magic trade show.

It’s quite the tradeshow! 

Magic is the world’s largest fashion expo and has partnered together with JFW-IFF, the longest running fashion exhibition in Japan; together they make IFF MAGIC Japan.

We were honored to be hand picked by IFF MAGIC and joined 'The Edit Zone', together with other high-end brands from around the world.

Japan is the third largest fashion market in the world, after USA and EU, that we are very excited to be a part of ( also having a reason to travel to Tokyo once in a while isn't something we are against!).

The very entertaining bartender June - if you are lucky he'll show off his yoga skills!

A DJ lounge: to sip the drink you got from June and listen to some nice tunes, in between meets and greets.

 Cool fashionistas, striking a pose on every corner.

Although our time was mostly spent in the tradeshow, we were lucky enough to get out and explore the surrounding areas a little bit.

We found the bars in Tokyo very unique. With their small spaces and the way that every drink is a work of art.

At Sakurai Japanese tea experience they make their own spirits; mixed with different types of tea. Every drink you get has it's own individual characteristics - served immaculately and quietly - in true Japanese fashion. For the sweet tooth, they also have some delicious handmade sweets. 

If you get the chance you should definitely check this place out!

In Nonbei Yokocho (also called Drunkard's alley), the bartender could tell tales of other Norwegian designers, stopping by to try one of his A+ drinks.



Aside from visiting the hottest bars we also checked out some of the shopping areas.

 It became apparent how many similarities there are to Scandinavian design; despite the vast distance.

Simplicity, natural materials, and clean lines are key. Differentiating from old tradition and regional backgrounds.

A strong connection to nature understated yet beautiful craftsmanship highlighted by the sophistication of the design.

Selling wool during summer - can sometimes be a challenge - we informed a lot of the technical qualities of wool, and why we chose this niche.

We met our goals, and ended the trip being inspired, and thrilled to see more of Tokyo and the Japanese fashion market.