Bergen was quiet and a light rain was drizzling over us as we met up at Fløybanen.
With racks of wool clothing and camera equipment, we squeezed our way onto the famous vertical tram. As we moved higher and higher, Bergen faded from sight and was replaced by a beautiful blanket of fog. We left the carriage and set off towards Tubakuba.

Climbing into the wooden tunnel, it felt as if we were walking through a portal. Upon opening the hobbit-like door, we were welcomed with a warm break from the cold mountain air. The faint smell of smoldering wood - from the iron stove in the corner - hung gently in the air.

On the border between wild nature and the city, Tubakuba could be called any number of things; a retreat, hotel room, off-the grid playground, kitchen, bedroom... or simply, an architectural gem.

Within its simplistic design, lies layered complexity.

Tubakuba was drawn and built by second-year students from Bergen Arkitekhøyskole together with Opaform and made possible by Bergen Kommune. The aim: promoting the outdoors for families with small children - giving them an alternative to a tent - and providing a spectacular shelter. 

Twelve square meters of brilliance - shaped playfully as a tuba inside of a cube - wood through and through. A curved bench spanning the room, leads to a ladder that connects a small loft area.

On the city facing facade, a huge window gives an exceptional view over the heart of Bergen - letting in streams of light - a fine choice for the AW17 photo shoot.


Cameras, tripods and all sorts of gadgets were set up. Models Einar and Marikken were quick to get at ease when the amazing Virre started shooting photos.
Whilst the hunt for the best angles were going on inside, videographers Finn & Julian took some behind the scenes video and headed out to film the surrounding area.

The cabin is perched on the cliff edge, nestled in between tall pines and rocky outcrops. The models went exploring, giving both photographer and videographers an opportunity for some natural creativity; bringing together the dappled light, green canopy and contrasting forest floor as one.

As the hours went by, the fog lifted and the sun began to shine. After a successful afternoon of work, we packed down our gear and hopped on the tram. Ending the day with some excellent tapas and fun conversations - it was certainly a worthwhile adventure!

For more information on how to stay at Tubakuba, head over here.

We recommend it!





Photos: Virre Dahl

Film & Edit: Finn Burrows

Drone Operation: Julian Stocker

Models: Einar Tungsvik Helleve & Marikken Solheim

Words: Jenny Skiple