Wool put under microscope in München!

We've had a few busy weeks with lot of travelling lately. Our team has been representing us across Europe and The USA at different trade shows. New York, Denver, Chicago, Copenhagen and Munich - showing retailers, friends and business partners what we've been preparing for the upcoming seasons!

Last week we were at Ispo Vision in Germany - one of the most important Tradeshows within the sports industry. Here you’ll find anything from boxing gloves to Italian pony hair shoes and everything in between.

Arriving in München felt like travelling a couple months forward in time, the sun was shining and it was warm (at least compared to home!) having couple days of spring like weather was a nice break from the icy cold Norwegian winter.

Our booth was right in middle of "Ispo Vision" - the place to be for premium sportswear - with brands like Armani, Amundsen, Kjus, Bogner and Colmar - keeping us company on all sides.

New customised hangers, we love them!

The We Norwegians stand was extra special this year; we worked together with Haltenbanken to come up with an excellent idea as to what to do, and landed on The Wool Lab! A simple concept of education with regards to everything Merino wool, letting our retailers know exactly why we use these magic yarns to create our garments. 

From practically showing moisture distribution and retention to the extracted Lanolin that naturally protects the raw material, we let people discover the technical aspects - hands on - without getting too geeky (sort of)! 

Fiber samples were placed alongside a microscope, giving everyone a chance to see the true differences between polyester, cotton and wool at a macro level and our final production materials were close at hand for comparison.

Lanolin, one of the secret ingredients that makes Wool naturally amazing.

Everyone that stopped by got a chance to compare different fiber samples, Cotton, Polyester and of course our favourite; wonderful Wool.

Testing out Merino Wool's super powers!

We were positively buzzing throughout our Ispo week; having wonderful and productive meetings with so many new and familiar faces! Getting the chance to showcase our new collections once again and sharing some brilliant locally-made Norwegian delicacies (many thanks to Voss Felles Bryggeri and Evanger Pølse Fabrikk!) while we did so!


Having a chat about wool with our lovely suppliers from Südwolle!

A huge thanks to all of our team members, collaborators and enthusiastic visitors for a successful and motivating January!





Videos: Finn Burrows - Upstairs Media