Care guide

Wool is a marvel of nature. If cared for in the right way your wool garment can last a lifetime.

Sometimes a loose thread will come to the surface of your garment, luckily there is a quick fix, using a needle.
Watch the video above to see how.

 For proper care, do not wash your clothes too often. Just let it air out after each use.

When you do need to put on a wash, use the wool setting on your washing machine with the temperature set to 30°C and add detergent especially for wool (no bleach). Shape the garment when it is still wet and lay flat to dry.
Watch the video above for more tips.

Pilling is mostly caused by two fabrics rubbing against each other. When this happens, the solution for our products (For other brands, check with them first), is simply to use a razor, shave your garment and run over it with a sticky roll.

Have a look at our video for instructions.