We source the best wool yarns from Italy, and have the garments manufactured in Europe. The decision to work in Europe was based on several factors; shorter transport time, flexibility of quantities and closer relationships with our vendors. The most important factor, however, is that we want to ensure we have top quality in all aspects and that the quality and environment are always taken care of according to our standards. Our suppliers are operating under EU laws and follow EU standards. This secures high standards of social responsibility.

Our suppliers have long experience in their manufacturing of textiles. They are usually small, family-run firms, and have well-known, European quality brands among their clients. By being open about what we do and how we produce, we want to show our customers that we are conscious in the development of products that are sustainable. Clothes cost money for many reasons. One of them is that real people make them; People who are doing the dyeing, the cutting, the sewing etc. We want to show you that the textile industry can actually benefit all those involved.

The lightweight merino wool pieces, the signature quality for We Norwegians, are made of Australian and New Zealand merino wool, spun by Italian mills, knitted in Denmark, and stitched in Poland. These products can be used through out the whole year.

For the scarf line, we produce premium quality products, made from Italian mills, and woven in a family establishment in Tuscany. This is a factory with old traditions, which actually still offers textiles made with handlooms. They work together with a Textile School, to preserve and pass on the ancient art of hand weaving. These are dedicated, proud craftsmen who take great responsibility in their heritage.

The Swedish company NILORN, which has Bluesign-certified their products and business, manufactures our trims and labels.


Biella Yarn by Südwolle

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