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Luxury Basics

We Norwegians focus on quality products made of super fine Merino wool. Our basic products is a must all year around. Wool functions as a temperature regulator, protecting the body in both cold and warm conditions. Wool retains very little odor, looks great and is soft as a baby’s cheek. This makes wool the perfect ingredient for basic clothing all year around!




 Our finest base layer.
98% merino wool and 2% Stretch.


These single jersey products are super light, breathable and feels like a second layer of skin. It's designed for a close fit and is perfect underneath a white office shirt or when being active.





The t-shirt for the trail, the mountain, or the office. 
Base One stands up to any test you can serve up.


100% Merino Wool

Comes in slim and regular fit that layers comfortably next to your skin. Wear it with your favourite jeans or tuck it up with a pencil skirt.