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Wool insulated garmets Myrken

We introduce the MYRKEN Lavalan jackets and vests, inspired by ski legends in the 70s. The styling looks retro and fashionable, but the materials used to manufacture these pieces are modern and functional.

These garments are made with a down proof and water repellent fabric from the Italian company Olmetex and insulated with the German invention Lavalan, which is a wool filling.

We consider wool to be the marvel of nature - it is sustainable and has amazing characteristics when it comes to functionality and temperature regulation.

Lavalan - wool insulation invented in Germany

Lavalan is a wool insulation - a fibrefill made from 100% natural and raw materials: wool and corn-based PLA (polyactic acid).
Wool fibers have tiny spaces, they function as small air pockets and are able to trap body heat. The curlyness of the wool multiplies this effect which makes Lavalan a perfect thermal barrier. It will keep you dry, warm and cozy even if it gets wet.
Lavalan wool is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material. Sourced from European countries with strict animal welfare standards and mulesing free.

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Olmetex - water repellent fabric from Italy

Olmetex specializes in the production of technical fabrics meant for high performance. Outershell fabric used for our Myrken collection is water repellent, wind proof but still very breathable.

Olmetex is an Italian company established in 1954 in Como. They invest in innovation and research in order to keep reducing the waste and eliminate the use of harmful substances. This makes them one of Italy's greenest weavers.

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