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The Production Recipe

Making a piece of garment is like cooking a dish after a good recipe. You have to collect all the ingredients, put them together, let it simmer and add some TLC. Like with cooking, you have a variety of ingredients to choose from - Also within the raw materials that you use.

A We Norwegian garment is made of the good stuff! 

It all starts with attending wool auctions to buy the best raw wool from Australia and New Zealand. Just like gold, wool is traded by stock price and bought by ounce. We spinn the raw wool at the best yearn makers in Italy and Romania. We only do “fine” or “super fine” merino wool, 17.5 - 21.5 microns.


In our online store you will see that each garment has information about the wool yarn's micron number (number of micrometers). One micron is one millionth of a meter. This is used to indicate the diameter of the wool fiber. The lower the micron count, the finer the fibers. Merino wool can be as fine as 10 microns, but that is very rare. Usually merino is below 25 microns. Qualities less than 21.5 microns will feel comfortable and soft against your skin, and it will not itch. That is why we always use yarn with 17.5 - 21.5 microns.

When the yarn is finished we bring it to our vendors in Italy, Danmark or China, wherever the best makers are. The vendors custom make knitted fabrics so that it's unique for our We Norwegians garment. When we get the perfect result, we rolle it up on huge rolls and ship it to Poland for the final stage, "cut & sew".



In Poland the fabrics are cut into different parts; sleeves, front, back etc. After it is cut, the nice ladies in the sewing department stitch all the pieces together to a sweater or a pant. Final touch is washing and steaming to give the garment a nice hand feel before it's folded nicely together.

- and voila! It's ready to be worn!